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Pavel and Yana Latushka read "Belarusians" by Oleg Saltuk in the NAM poetry event for May 9

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This year Victory over Fascism Day will have a special connotation for Belarusians, but the main thing is that no one can take this Day away from the people.

By May 9, we launch the #ВершыПерамогi action and suggest that together with national poets and the NAM participants and friends we remember that Belarusians have already defeated fascism once — and should not allow it on their land again.
Today, the NAM head Pavel Latushka and his daughter Yana read Oleg Saltuk’s poem "Belarusians."

Join the action: read #ВершыПерамогi together with us on camera, publish in social networks the texts of your favorite Belarusian poems about the victory of our people over fascism and their fight for freedom, and quote them to your family and friends.

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