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"Destroyer of the Belarusian industry legends" - a new video section of the NAM about the flagship enterprises of Belarus

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We dedicated the first issue to the legend of the Belarusian tractor industry — the Minsk Tractor Worls

In each issue, we will compare the legendary flagships of Belarus with similar enterprises in the world.

The head of the column is Mikhail Kirilyuk, head of the NAM justice team, anti-crisis manager with 5 years of experience.

Our approach is simple:

We give a short comparative analysis using simple and understandable numbers from open sources. And you draw conclusions and share them in the comments.

In the first issue, we will compare 2 of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment — MTZ and AGCO corporation — and their results for 2020.

Comparison criteria:

  • the number of employees;
  • volume of sales;
  • the cost of manufactured products per 1 employee;
  • net profit;
  • profit per employee.

And at the end of the issue, we will tell you how much MTZ could have earned with a comparable rate of return. Spoiler alert: 10 times (!) more than it earned.
Enjoy your viewing — and we are waiting for you in the comments!

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