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Everyone is important! Blocking access to the IMF account for the Lukashenka regime!

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On August 23, the IMF decision on the allocation of special drawing rights (SDR) will come into force. The quota of Belarus in this distribution is equivalent to one billion US dollars.

That is, will Lukashenka’s regime receive a billion from the IMF?

That is unlikely. After distribution, the regime will need to gain access to Belarus' SDR account with the IMF. It’s not that easy.

For example, for Venezuela and Myanmar, this access was blocked due to the lack of recognition of the legitimacy of their governments by most of the Fund’s member countries.

Can the same thing happen to the Lukashenka’s regime?

Exactly. Therefore, now our task is to secure the holding of an IMF meeting on Belarus, which will consider the issue of non-recognition of the legitimacy of representatives of the regime in the IMF and denying them access to the SDR account.

And what happens if we get our way?

Lukashenka’s regime will not receive a billion, and access to Belarus’s SDR account will be blocked — until a legitimate government appears in the country.

But the main thing is that the denial of access to the IMF resources will cause a default on Eurobonds issued earlier in the amount of $ 3.25 billion. And this may become a key factor for the fall of the regime.


1) Belarusians abroad — send letters to representatives of your countries in the IMF Board of Governors with a demand to block access to the SDR account for the Lukashenka regime.

2) All Belarusians — communicate our position to the IMF using its social networks:

Examples of messages:

— Lukashenka's regime is no better than Maduro’s. The IMF should block access to the SDR account for him!
— A billion from the IMF should not go to the murderer and dictator Lukashenka! Do the same with him as you did with Maduro.
— IMF, hear the voice of Belarusians! The access to the SDR account for Lukashenka’s illegitimate regime should be blocked!

The regime should not receive a billion. It’s time to act!

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