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"People's Constitution": questions and proposals of citizens for the Basic Law. Part 2

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"People's Constitution": questions and proposals of citizens for the Basic Law. Part 2

Citizens continue to speak out about the draft Constitution of New Belarus, on the basis of which the whole country is writing a people’s draft of the Basic Law. We bring to your attention another selection of proposals and questions with comments of the Public Constitutional Commission.

English along with Belarusian and Russian. Census for persons applying for the presidency. Death penalty status. Belarus as a non-aligned and secular state.

You can find the previous collection of reviews at this link.

Public discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus will be held until August 27 inclusive. You can make a proposal or ask a question:

Reviews are recorded and commented on by the developers of the draft Constitution of New Belarus in this table. If any proposal was rejected and its author considered the arguments of the Public Constitutional Commission insufficient, he can appeal the decision using this form.

All details are on the website.

"People's Constitution": your suggestions and questions

In the provision of Article 5 ("Rule of Law") "Each normative legal act is adopted and published in two state languages", the word "two" can be replaced with "all" - so this provision will become more universal.

Offer accepted! Indeed, it is possible that in the future there will be only one or more two state languages ​​in Belarus. Of course, citizens should have the right and the opportunity to receive official information on any of them, depending on their preferences.

The whole world speaks English these days! I propose to add this language to Belarusian and Russian as a third state language.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to implement this idea now. When declaring any language to be a state language, it is necessary to ensure its equal functioning in state bodies. Simply speaking, all officials must own it. In the current realities, not every citizen of Belarus is "friend" with English, but at the same time, every citizen of Belarus has the right to elect and be elected to public office.

Let’s supplement the provision "A citizen of the Republic of Belarus at least 35 years' old who has the right to vote can be elected as a President" with the words "and passed a mental health check by independent experts".

The idea is not new, but it has not yet been implemented anywhere. The main reason is that such a procedure can become a tool to unfairly exclude strong candidates from the election for reasons of competition. It will also violate medical confidentiality and confidentiality of health information. At the same time, the draft Constitution of New Belarus stipulates the possibility of early dismissal of the president from office for health reasons.

Not only not less than 35, but also not more than 50 years old — I propose to establish such an age limit for presidential candidates. The country should be run by young people full of strength and energy!

The age limit for election as president is indeed set in some countries, for example, in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Namibia, Tunisia (although we are talking about a much more respectable age than 50). At the same time, the overall life expectancy of a person increases, as does the ability to maintain clarity of mind and vigor for many years. Whether a person "over 50" can perform the functions of the president — let the voters decide.

Why grant any status of the death penalty at the level of the Constitution when it is not permissible as a punishment? It seems to me that the provision on the right to life and the prohibition of its deprivation will suffice.

The prohibition on the death penalty is enshrined in many constitutions of the world, and this can be quite logically explained. If this prohibition is not enshrined in the Constitution, such a penalty may be additionally permitted by law.

But what if Belarus is proclaimed both a neutral and a non-aligned state?

At the moment, Belarus is not a non-aligned state — it is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Before fixing the non-aligned status in the Constitution, one should actually come to it. This cannot be done at once, and besides, such decisions require a balanced approach.

Let us indicate in the Constitution that the Republic of Belarus is not only a unitary democratic social legal state, but also a secular state.

The status of secularism is usually fixed in the event that a particular religion clearly dominates in the state, the dogmas of which, along with the laws (or even instead of them), can determine social foundations, rules of behavior, in fact, the way of life of the citizen. In our country, there is no such phenomenon, so it would probably be superfluous to declare secularism.

The draft Constitution of New Belarus proclaims freedom of religion. But what about radical trends? Who will determine whether a particular religion is safe for society?

It is assumed that a court will be in Belarus to decide whether a particular religion is harmful to the health, rights and freedoms of citizens.

I believe that amendments to the Constitution can be made exclusively through a republican referendum: voting on each amendment individually or on a new draft as a whole.

Making a referendum the only instrument is not the best option. Many issues require careful expert discussion, which is impossible to organize nationwide. As a rule, only the most important amendments concerning the foundations of the constitutional order are submitted to a referendum, and this is the approach provided for in the draft Constitution of New Belarus.

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