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Tent meeting at the border with Belarus

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For more than a week (05.06−12.06), democratic forces and the diaspora have been protesting at the border with Belarus in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. In Lithuania, the protesters set up a tent camp near the Medininkai crossing. In Poland, a tent meeting was organized in Bobrovniki, there were also actions in Kuznitsa, Kozlovichi and Terespol. In Ukraine — next to two points: in Domanovo and Novy Yarilovichi.

Participants call on the EU and the US for fast and effective sanctions against the dictatorship.

  • Also, the participants demand from the illegitimate authorities of Belarus:
  • open land borders for citizens of the country;
  • release political prisoners;
  • stop the violence;
  • hold new elections.

Officials in Europe and the United States have announced tough sanctions that will soon be imposed against the Lukashenka’s regime. Further actions of the democratic forces also depend on whether the resolutions will be followed by real steps that will help the Belarusians live in a free country.

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