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The European Union does not recognize Lukashenka as president and does not recognize his right to hold a referendum

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In an interview with DW Belarus, EU foreign policy representative Peter Stano announced the EU’s official position on Lukashenka himself and his "referendum"

Let’s highlight the key points:

About the status of Lukashenka in the eyes of the EU

— Lukashenka has no democratic legitimacy. We do not recognize him as the president of the country. He is illegitimate, he manipulated the elections, he oppresses his people — and therefore, in principle, he is not competent to make any decisions on behalf of Belarus.

About the observation of the "referendum"

— I resolutely declare that the EU does not intend to participate in this process. The EU does not plan to send any official mission to Belarus to observe the voting in the so-called referendum. Anyone who arrives there from an EU member state is not there as an official. These people will not represent the EU, these people will not represent the EU institutions and the official position of the EU. We do not recognize Lukashenka and what we expect from him is to start a nationwide dialogue.

On key EU conditions for the Lukashenka regime

— Inclusive dialogue, cessation of repressions, release of political prisoners, independent transparent elections with the participation of international observers. As soon as these conditions are met, we will be able to talk about any participation of the EU in the processes in Belarus.

Recall that exactly this position was voiced in the joint appeal initiated by our team of the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Constitutional Court and the NAM to the EU, the USA, the UK and the OSCE dated 01/20/2022.

For our part, we will continue to work on the legal consequences of the non-recognition of Lukashenka and his right to a referendum by the EU and the application of new sanctions against the regime — both for this crime and for its support of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the threat to the sovereignty of Belarus, which he creates.

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