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Digest: October 18 - 31

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The fight against COVID-19, the results of the "People's Constitution" campaign, increased external political pressure, news from the cultural front and "homework"

First of all, the NAM team reminds and asks: wear masks, consider the possibility of vaccination, wash and treat your hands with an antiseptic, keep your distance, avoid public places, and best of all, stay at home. We turned to European officials and the illegitimate Belarusian authorities with a demand to organize the supply of at least a million free "Western" vaccines for Belarusians — but everything is primarily in our own hands. Citizens voted to temporarily postpone constitutional reform from the agenda for change advocates. World Congress of Belarusians 2.0 took place, and the NAM continues to strive for political, economic, cultural — complete isolation of the regime. Read more in the digest.

And here is what we propose to do to everyone for their own well-being and the future of our common Motherland this time:
● we will not tire of repeating: take precautions in a pandemic;
do not weaken personal sanctions against the dictatorship for a single day: do not keep money on cards and bank deposits, do not buy excisable and simply expensive goods — instead, it is better to buy currency;
sign an open letter to UNESCO on repressions against Belarusian cultural figures;
sign up for the Peramoga mobilization plan, support the activities of the Democratic Forces financially (we are ready to account for your money!), get ready for a strike together with your colleagues;
assist in the creation of the exposition of the Free Belarus Museum — write to us in the @NAUsupport chatbot.

Take care of yourself!

The leaders of the democratic forces, including Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and the Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka, appealed to the leadership and representatives of the EU member states, as well as the leadership of COVAX (an initiative of WHO, UNICEF and the GAVI alliance for the fair distribution of access to vaccination) to immediately provide Belarus with at least a million vaccines from COVID-19 for free access to them for citizens.

Back in the spring, the democratic forces worked with the European Commission and COVAX to provide Belarusians with "Western" vaccines, but did not find assistance from the illegitimate government. The consequences of which, unfortunately, are reflected in the daily statistics of the Ministry of Health, even more terrible, figures. We — each members of the NAM separately — urge you to join forces in the fight against COVID-19. All that is required from the Belarusian Ministry of Health is consent. This is not about politics. It’s about human lives.

Despite the actions and statements of the illegitimate government, which has struck "covid-dissidence" with renewed vigor:
  • wearing masks is a scientifically proven way to reduce the spread of infection;
  • consider getting vaccinated;
  • keep a physical distance: at least 1.5, and preferably 2 meters;
  • wash hands regularly with soap and sanitize hands;
  • if you can, work remotely and generally avoid public places.

Health to you and your loved ones! Save yourself for New Belarus!

People’s Constitution

A new poll was held within the framework of the "People's Constitution" campaign. This time you spoke about the draft of the Basic Law created by the Public Constitutional Commission together with citizens, as well as the relevance of the constitutional agenda for the advocates of change as such.

We remind you of the voting results. 42% of the respondents approve the project, almost 7% of them are ready to enroll in the initiative group to submit documents to the CEC. The rest either think that it is necessary to return to this agenda after the new elections (35%), or do not find the project in line with their interests (18%), or propose to develop a different strategy of action within the framework of the reform (5%), or would prefer one of the two projects of the regime (we apologize to 6 people who chose this option, but if we round up, then 0%).

Considering the results, we declare the campaign for writing the draft Basic Law completed and continue to work on the plan for the upcoming referendum, which should not go according to the scenario of the regime.

World Congress of Belarusians 2.0

On October 30, the Second World Congress of Belarusians took place, which brought together our compatriots from all corners of the Earth. The event was attended by representatives of Democratic forces, including Pavel Latushka, public figures and professionals from various fields. Experts together with ordinary Belarusians discussed the most important issues for our Motherland — with a focus on the ongoing political and economic crisis in the country.

Given the conditions of the pandemic, the congress was held online. Tens of thousands of people were watching him.

External political pressure

On the initiative of the NAM, a meeting on the "Belarusian issue" was held in the Polish Parliament, where our team presented a strategy of actions to combat the regime at the international level. In addition to our delegates, the meeting of the Presidium of the International Affairs Commission was attended by its chairman Marek Kukhczynski, one of the organizers of the legal conference in Nuremberg, Polish lawyer Tomasz Wilinsky, as well as members of all major political parties in Poland.

The NAM insists on the need to isolate the regime in all directions in order to accelerate the fulfillment of the three main and invariable demands of the Belarusian people and the arrival of democracy to replace the dictatorship in the country. The current Belarusian government should not be officially recognized by the leadership of all civilized countries, Lukashenka and his accomplices should be declared terrorists, and those involved in crimes against Belarusian and not only citizens should be brought to justice within the framework of universal jurisdiction and an international tribunal.

Foreign Minister of New Zealand Nanai Mahuto announced the non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government in a letter to the Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka. Ms Mahuto, in particular, said that her state adheres to a policy not to accept official acts of recognition and to judge recognition by the nature and level of relations with foreign governments. Separately, the head of the New Zealand Foreign Ministry stressed that the country has paused high-level bilateral political relations with Belarus, including at the level of ambassadors. In addition, New Zealand has included Lukashenka himself and more than 70 people associated with him in the sanctions list.

The NAM welcomes the decision of the New Zealand government to completely end relations with the Belarusian dictatorship, which de facto means non-recognition of Lukashenka and his entourage. And calls on top officials of other countries to follow this example.

Cultural front

Thanks to the joint work of the NAM and the Belarusian Rada of Culture, the International Association of Film Producers FIAPF has suspended the accreditation of the Belarusian film festival "Listapad". The reason for the FIAPF decision, which the president of the organization Luis Alberto Scalello outlined in a letter to Pavel Latushka: "the accreditation of the Minsk festival casts a shadow on other festivals to which we provide accreditation."

And one more piece of news from the "cultural front". On the anniversary of the Night of the Executed Poets, representatives of the Association of Belarusians in Paris handed over to the UNESCO headquarters an open letter initiated by the NAM on political repressions against workers in the sphere of Belarusian culture. The main demand is to stop any cooperation with the Lukashenka regime. The letter has already been signed by many Belarusians and world cultural figures, including three Nobel Prize winners. Everyone can join them, instructions and links are in the text of this post.

Museum of Free Belarus

The exposition of the Museum of free Belarus Museum is rapidly expanding — I think you have already noticed that every time there is an appropriate reason for our digest. As well as this time. The Museum received an embroidery by the artist Rufina Bazlova "Ales Pushkin" from the series "History of Belarusian vyzhivanka", dedicated to the famous public and cultural figure of Belarus, now a political prisoner.

The embroidery was purchased at a charitable auction organized by Belarusian Rada of Culture, a Belarusian programmer Ivan, who now lives in Georgia, and donated it to the Museum’s fund. The proceeds from this lot (as well as others within the framework of the charity auction), in turn, will go to support the repressed cultural figures.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • to take care of yourself and those around you for New Belarus: wear a mask, consider the possibility of vaccination, maintain physical distance, regularly wash and treat your hands with an antiseptic, if possible, stay at home;
  • continue the popular sanctions: withdraw money from cards after each receipt and buy foreign currency with all available funds, take deposits from banks, abandon the consumption of excisable goods (alcohol, tobacco, car fuel) and expensive purchases;
  • to support an open letter from the NAM to UNESCO on repressions against Belarusian cultural workers;
  • provide financial assistance to our activities, sign up for the Peramoga mobilization plan, get ready to go on strike;
  • give us an exhibit for the museum of Free Belarus by writing to the @NAUsupport chatbot (anonymously if you wish).

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