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Rehabilitation of political repression victims in Belarus

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Rehabilitation of political repression victims in Belarus: join our common mission

The release of convicted and accused for political reasons from prisons and pre-trial detention centers is our priority after the fall of the dictatorship. Helping the rest of the victims of the regime’s criminal actions for striving for freedom and expressing their opinion is the duty of the Belarusian people.

In early April, the NAM approved the Concept for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus. It can serve as a basis for new regulations, on the basis of which justice and legality will be restored in our country after Lukashenka’s retirement.

We are already working out legal mechanisms for translating the provisions of the Concept into practice, we are creating regulations for the National Rehabilitation Commission and the Fund for Assistance to the Repressed. In the near future, we will also start developing an online platform for collecting and organizing data on victims of the dictatorship.

For 27 years, the current government has repressed hundreds of thousands of Belarusians in one form or another. We are fully aware of the colossal scale of the work to be done to rehabilitate them and call on caring citizens to help us speed up the preparation for this process. The wide response to our initiative in society only adds to the confidence that it needs to be dealt with today.

If you have any suggestions, comments or developments that may be useful in the development of the Concept, we will be happy to consider them. If you believe that your skills and experience will be useful in our rehabilitation work at any stage, we would be grateful for your participation.

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