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What is happening with the "Slavianski Bazaar"?

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Famous artists refuse, the preparation of the pop song contest is held in secret.

During these days when the whole world is outraged by the terrorist actions of the Lukashenka’s regime on the hijacking of the Ryanair plane with Roman Protasevich and the violence in prisons, the illegitimate government continues to imitate the preparation of the "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk" - one of the dictator’s favorite toys.

The NAM’s appeal to the official authorities of Ukraine, the International Federation of Festival Organizations (FIDOF), actions of diasporas and numerous appeals of Belarusians have already led to a public refusal of more than a dozen famous artists to participate in the festival.

As a result, for the jubilee of 30th festival, the regime offers the most meager poster in the last decade with an extremely limited number of star names wandering from the opening concert to the closing concert, and the minimum number of participating countries. It is surprising that in conditions of international isolation and with closed airspace, Slavianski Bazaar continues to be persistently called "international". They are trying to gather spectators to the stands in their favorite way: using an administrative resource — letters from the Ministry of Culture marked "urgent".

They also tried to attract spectators to the festival at yesterday’s press conference. Trying to portray "a good face with a bad game", the organizers announced within the framework of the festival new items this year: an open match in boxing at the site near the Summer Amphitheater, exhibitions from Khokhloma and Torzhok, as well as Kamchatka and Pakistan. And they really hoped that neighboring countries would help them in distributing tickets, mentioning the sites of ticket distributors in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

There are still questions about the International Pop Song Performers Contest — a festival event for which it was once conceived. The preparations for the competition, without which the "Slavianski Bazaar" is no longer a full-fledged festival, are carried out by the organizers in secrecy. The price of tickets for the "secret competition" has been announced, but the concealment of information about the composition of the contestants and their number involuntarily raises the question "were there any willing?"

The NAM believes that holding the festival this year is an inhuman act in relation to the Belarusian people. We call on concert organizations, foreign and Belarusian artists, whose names are still on the billboard of "Slavianski Bazaar", as well as young performers, to refuse participation. By entertaining the dictator and his entourage in July in Vitebsk, you will guarantee yourself empty concert halls in New Belarus.

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