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German bank canceled a loan for an illegitimate government

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Without it, it is impossible to modernize the country’s energy system for the BelNPP

In early April, the NAM appealed to German banks, the Swedish export credit agency EKN and Siemens to withdraw from the deal on the purchase of gas turbines by the illegitimate government.

After the Swedish EKN refused to insure transactions for the purchase of turbines, the German bank KfW IPEX-Bank canceled a loan of 100 million euros, which was planned to be spent on the purchase of Siemens gas turbine units.

Cancellation of this loan will not allow representatives of the illegitimate government to complete the modernization of power grids, without which it is impossible to put the BelNPP into operation.

Nikolay Prokofiev, member of the NAM economic team:

— An unfinished modernization project threatens to default on other obligations related to the BelNPP, and the inability to safely use the nuclear power plant in the power grids of Belarus. Therefore, for the safety of citizens, BelNPP should not be connected to the country’s power system.

The regime, in fact, has no opportunity to finance the purchase of turbines from other sources. Banks in Europe and the United States will definitely not do this. Russia initially attracted German banks for this loan — in order not to risk its money. There is also China and the United Arab Emirates, but they were not interested in this project from the very beginning, — said Nikolay Prokofiev.

It is also important that the resolution of the European Parliament, adopted on June 10, recommends Siemens AG and other EU companies to stop exchanging technologies and new developments with the Lukashenka’s regime.

The National Anti-Crisis Management continues its campaign to deprive Lukashenka’s regime of money. The campaign includes work with international partners of the illegitimate government. Belarusians inside the country can join the action "ATM-Exchange-Bank" — this is a format of economic protest available to everyone.

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