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Pavel Latushka filed a complaint against Lukashenka to the Polish Prosecutor's Office

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Today the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka filed an complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. The statement refers to the threats of physical violence and preparation of an international terrorism act.

— All repressions of the regime against Belarusians and foreign citizens are outside the legal framework. It is known not only about the threats, but also about the preparation of real actions, up to the physical elimination, directed against the democratic forces outside the country. My statement is symbolic, which I am submitting to protect all Belarusians who are persecuted abroad.

It is important to inform the Prosecutor’s Office of Poland about threats of physical elimination and planned crimes by Alexander Lukashenka, Nikolai Karpenkov, Ivan Tertel, Grigory Azarenko, Oleg Gaidukevich and other officials and propagandists aimed at organizing, among other things, my kidnapping in Poland and illegal imprisonment.

Another goal is to warn everyone who plans criminal actions against the citizens of Belarus that their actions will not remain without legal consequences: they will be prosecuted according to the laws of various states and in various states of the world.

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