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Digest: October 4-17

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Nuremberg for Lukashenka, non-recognition of the regime, the further fate of the people’s draft Constitution and the current list of actions to resist the dictatorship

The NAM held a legal conference in Nuremberg on bringing to justice those involved in violence and repression against Belarusians, including Lukashenka. The campaign for the simultaneous non-recognition of the current government at the international level and its recognition as a terrorist organization is gaining momentum. The Public Constitutional Commission has presented the people’s draft of the Constitution, and now we will together decide what to do next within the framework of the constitutional reform. Another review of the latest news of our work is in the digest.

And, according to tradition, a list of relevant activities to bring our common victory closer:
  • study the people’s draft Constitution and take a survey about the document and further actions within the framework of constitutional reform;
  • support our activities and the activities of other democratic forces financially;
  • participate in the Peramoga plan and the preparation of the strike, involve your friends and colleagues;
  • withdraw money from cards, take deposits from banks and buy currency with all available funds, reduce the consumption of excisable goods as much as possible and refrain from expensive purchases;
  • sign up for "World Congress of Belarusians 2.0" as a volunteer or delegate;
  • contribute to the expansion of the exposition of the Museum of Free Belarus — let us know via the @NAUsupport chatbot if you have evidence of the struggle of our people for freedom in 2020−2021.

Nuremberg for Lukashenka

On October 11, a legal conference organized by the NAM was held in Nuremberg, Germany, where the trials of Nazi criminals were held. Its participants — representatives of democratic forces, including Pavel Latushka and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, lawyers and politicians from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, France, the United States and Georgia, as well as victims of repression — signed a declaration on further actions to bring to justice those who stand behind the violence and lawlessness in Belarus, and the recognition of the regime as terrorist.

The NAM, together with other democratic forces and citizens, will continue to make every effort to ensure that the Lukashenka regime is not simultaneously recognized as a political entity and is recognized as a terrorist organization, and that those involved in anti-popular actions are punished as soon as possible.

External political and economic pressure.

The European Parliament with a confident majority of votes — 506 out of 674 — adopted a resolution on the situation in Belarus and further steps to resolve the crisis in the republic. The document includes all the proposals of the NAM, aimed, in particular, at:
  • application of the principle of universal jurisdiction in relation to Lukashenka and his accomplices, as well as the creation of the International Court of Justice adhoc in Belarus;
  • strengthening the sanctions impact on the regime;
  • counteracting the potential absorption of Belarus and the violation of its sovereignty by Russia.

By the way, the first paragraph of the resolution contains — for the first time on the part of the European Parliament — the thesis about Lukashenka’s official non-recognition of the President of Belarus. This is a positive signal that we are moving in the right direction!

Non-recognition of the regime

Belarusians went to pickets in different parts of the world for the official non-recognition by the leadership of their countries of Lukashenka and his government, as well as the recognition of the dictator and his entourage as terrorists. The actions were held in Stockholm, Vilnius, Prague, Bialystok, Batumi, Wroclaw, Toronto, Warsaw, Ottawa and other cities. At the pickets, signatures were collected for a petition with the relevant requirements.

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka took part in a rally for non-recognition of Lukashenka in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Universal jurisdiction

The NAM lawyer Mikhail Kirilyuk and managing partner of the Polish law firm KOPEC & ZABOROWSKI Matej Zaborowski signed a cooperation agreement. The law firm will provide gratuitous support to Belarusians who have suffered from political persecution within the framework of universal jurisdiction. A representative of the NAM has already handed over to the bureau the materials of the victims in August 2020 with evidence of the involvement of specific security officials in torture.

Together with KOPEC & ZABOROWSKI we also:
  • will submit new complaints about torture in Belarus to the legal structures of Poland
  • we will seek to summon suspects for interrogations and declare them on the international wanted list, including through Interpol
  • collect additional evidence of crimes against the Belarusian people and the presence of signs of terrorism in the actions of the Lukashenka regime.

People’s Constitution

The Public Constitutional Commission presented a people’s draft of the Constitution, created on the basis of the draft Constitution of New Belarus with the active participation of citizens. Anyone can view the full text of the document at

In addition, until October 31, everyone can take part in a new survey regarding the constitutional agenda in general and the people’s draft of the Constitution in particular. Together we must decide whether the document we have obtained is ready for submission to a referendum and what should be our further actions within the framework of the reform in general. You can cast your vote in the platform’s chatbot *Honest choice in Telegram or Viber.

Museum of Free Belarus

The exposition of the Museum of Free Belarus continues to expand. Among the new exhibits is a rubber bullet, which on the first night after the elections, from August 9 to 10, 2020, a 30-year-old historian Alexander Kanetsky was wounded. Alexander took the bullet with him from the military hospital as a kind of souvenir — and decided that it should become a part of not only the personal, but also the general history of the Belarusian people.

We would like to thank Alexander for his help in filling the Museum and invite everyone who has potential exhibits, whether physical or digital, to let us know via the @NAUsupport chatbot.

World Congress of Belarusians

"Belarusians Abroad" announced the holding of "World Congress of Belarusians", in which everyone can participate — as a spectator, delegate or volunteer of the organizing committee. The event will take place online — on the YouTube channel "Belarusians Abroad" on October 30, where we will discuss the most important and pressing issues of our Motherland. If you have a desire to help in its preparation or to become a representative of your community or, for example, streets, you will find the links necessary for registration in the text of this publication.

The first "World Congress of Belarusians" gathered more than 150 speakers and panelists. More than half a million people followed him online.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • read the people’s draft Constitution on the website Kanstytucyja. online and speak out about it on the platform *Honest choice;
  • provide financial support to the NAM and other democratic structures;
  • join the Peramoga plan and the strike movement;
  • cash out all the money, withdraw deposits from banks and convert free funds into foreign currency, refuse excisable goods and expensive purchases;
  • apply for participation in the "World Congress of Belarusians 2.0" as a volunteer or delegate;
  • transfer the exhibit to the Museum of Free Belarus by contacting us via the @NAUsupport chatbot.

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