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Belarusians Abroad announced the World Congress of Belarusians 2.0

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Last time the Congress was attended by over 150 speakers and watched by over half a million people. This year, the World Congress of Belarusians will be held online on October 30.

Wherever we are, we know that Belarus is our home. And Belarus will always be with us. If these words mean you, too, take part in the Congress! We will discuss the most important issues of the modern Belarus.

How to participate in the Congress? There are options:

  • The Congress can be watched from anywhere on the YouTube channel "Belarusians abroad".

  • Anyone can become a volunteer of the organizing committee of the Congress, just fill out the form.

  • Become a Congress delegate from your community or street. Voluntary registration fees help the organizing committee pay for the expenses necessary to organize the Congress.

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