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The world community must understand that Lukashenka is not Belarus

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There should be an understanding in the minds of the entire world community that Lukashenka is not Belarus

Responsible for strategic planning and coordination of the NAM Valery Matskevich in an interview to the channel "Ukraine 24"

The Lukashenka regime is now recalling Belarusian ambassadors and diplomats from Ukraine, just like Russia before the start of military aggression. However, there is a significant difference between Belarusians and Russians.

From various interviews and sociological research, we know the opinion of the majority of Russian citizens who support Russia’s military actions. In Belarus, 95%, taking into account all the errors, do not support and oppose military aggression against fraternal Ukraine.

Lukashenka understands that the Belarusian army may not obey or even turn its weapons against the dictator.

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