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Story of Dmitry Stakhovsky - Face of Protest #8

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"If you’re reading this, it means I’m dead" The 18-year-old committed suicide over persecution for "rioting"

Source: Viasna,

Human rights activists report that on the evening of 25 May in Minsk, 18-year-old Dmitry Stakhovsky, a suspect in a criminal case for participation in "mass riots" on 9−11 August 2020, committed suicide by jumping from a 16-storey building.

It is known that Dmitry was an orphan, living in a dormitory. It was the staff of this dormitory that pointed the guy out as a protester, after which he became a suspect in a criminal case under article 293 of the Criminal Code. It is known that on the afternoon of 25 May he was interrogated by the investigators. Dmitry left a farewell letter on social media:

His friend spoke about Dmitry’s life:
"Dmitry didn’t like to talk much about his life. We know that he was either born in Italy or lived there with his parents for some time. Then he ended up here. What happened to his parents — I do not know. I only know that he has an aunt with legal custody, but there are no more details. Dmitry had something to do with "Clash of Klans", he was an administrator there, I think he even had something to do with the creation of the game. He had money and always helped if someone needed financial help. However, lately he stopped administrating the game. He was earning something on the internet without a steady job, like an office job. He was a companionable guy, but he didn’t have a girlfriend. Dmitry used to rent a flat. Nevertheless, once in the middle of the protests, he was charged. They held him in police custody for a day, and then let him go. That was, I think, in November. Then, according to Dmitry, he was allocated a dormitory. He lived there. He said he would stay there until the case was solved. Dmitry was under house arrest and was sometimes summoned for interrogation. He said suicide was the way out of all his problems. He said he did not want to go to jail and would commit suicide. At first, we took it with a smile, but then we realised that not much was funny.
We supported him as best we could."

The Investigative Committee said that the young man was a suspect in a criminal case launched over the mass riots that took place in the capital last year. "All investigative actions involving him were carried out in compliance with the applicable law and in the presence of the lawyer," they added.

A spontaneous memorial was created at the site of Dmitry’s death, which the police officers decided to destroy on the same day.