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Results of the survey on the most important provisions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus

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An active discussion continues around the draft Constitution of New Belarus. The document, on the basis of which we will write a people’s draft of the Constitution, creating the foundation for a democratic, free and legal state.

Together with the Public Constitutional Commission, we summarize the results of the survey on a number of the most important provisions of our future Basic Law. Your choice will be taken into account in further work on the people’s draft of the Constitution.

The survey participants — more than 8,300 people — also suggest:
  • significantly weaken the role of the president and transfer most of the key powers to Parliament;
  • ensure the independence of the judiciary;
  • introduce the election of mayors and expand real self-government.

These and other results are detailed:

Who should elect the president?
  • people 92.3%
  • Parliament 6.3%
  • find it difficult to answer 1.4%

Who should be the head of the executive branch?
  • Prime Minister 68.6%
  • President 18.0%
  • find it difficult to answer 13.4%

Who appoints the Prime Minister?
  • Parliament independently 68.7%
  • Parliament at the suggestion of the President 19.3%
  • President with the consent of Parliament 8.7%
  • find it difficult to answer 3.0%

Who is the government accountable to?
  • Parliament 90%
  • President 5.2%
  • find it difficult to answer 4.8%

What should be the Parliament?
  • bicameral 55.2%
  • unicameral 37.0%
  • find it difficult to answer 7.8%

What should be called the Parliament of Belarus?
  • Seym 26.1%
  • Verkhovna Rada 25.8%
  • Supreme Council 18.4%
  • National Assembly 13.9%
  • Other 15.8%

Who appoints the judges?
  • independent of the executive and legislative authorities 83.7%
  • Parliament 12.8%
  • find it difficult to answer 3.2%

Who appoints the heads of the executive bodies of local self-government
  • elected by residents 64.1%
  • appointed by the Council of Deputies or elected by residents, depending on the charter 29.7%
  • Council of Deputies 3.6%
  • find it difficult to answer 1.5%

To whom are the heads of the executive bodies of local self-government accountable?
  • Council of Deputies 78.4%
  • government 14.0%
  • President 0.9%
  • find it difficult to answer 6.7%

What language should be the state?
  • Belarusian and Russian 50.2%
  • fixed period Belarusian and Russian, then — transition to Belarusian as the only state 35.2%
  • Belarusian 13.9%
  • find it difficult to answer 0.6%

We thank everyone who took part in the survey, and we remind you that the deadline for accepting proposals for the people’s draft of the Constitution has been extended until September 12.

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