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Raising money for a legal conference in Nuremberg

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In this way we will together bring closer the recognition of Lukashenko’s regime as a terrorist regime

The National Anti-Crisis Management is organizing a legal conference in Nuremberg on October 11. The event is devoted to recognizing Alexander Lukashenka as a terrorist and bringing the perpetrators of torture to justice under universal jurisdiction.

Politicians, lawyers and human rights activists will meet in Nuremberg to approve an action plan that will bring justice closer to the terrorist and his accomplices.

The NAM is launching a fundraising campaign to raise money for expenses related to organizing the event, logistics and production of handouts for journalists and conference guests.

Anyone can help with the event. One way is to raise money to organize a legal conference. You can do this through PayPal.

Already now the diaspora, volunteers, and our international partners are involved in preparing the conference. You are welcome to join in!

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