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Threat to the independence of Belarus

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"We call for support for our statement on the inadmissibility of actions that threaten the independence of Belarus." The NAM appealed to all citizens of Belarus, the Belarusian diaspora and the international community

Events in Belarus, a series of provocations organised by the illegitimate authorities, indicate that Lukashenko is purposefully continuing to undermine the sovereignty of Belarus. Lukashenka visit to Moscow on April 22, 2021, and the forthcoming decree may be directly linked to this. In order to retain power, Lukashenka can do anything, including signing secret roadmaps and placing additional military facilities of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus.

All this will mean only one thing — undermining of Belarusian sovereignty and increasing of tension in the security issues of the Eastern European region as a whole.

In this regard, we urge all Belarusians to protest against the actions of the illegitimate authorities that threaten the independence of Belarus!

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