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A billion from the IMF for Lukashenko to keep him in power. An appeal Pavel Latushka to Foreign Ministers

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"I urge every foreign minister to raise before representatives of your countries in the IMF Board of Governors the issue of principle — of blocking for the illegal Lukashenko regime access to the IMF account of Belarus."

Pavel Latushka issued an appeal to the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries that have publicly failed to recognize Lukashenka and his government as legitimate.

— Several dozens of countries did not recognize the results of the 2020 elections in Belarus. They did not recognise Lukashenka and his government and have stated so publicly more than once. Many have openly called Lukashenka a terrorist — after the incident with the Ryanair plane. Almost everyone has joined sanctions against his regime.

I want to ask one simple question to the foreign ministers of each of these countries:

How can Lukashenka’s officially unrecognised government at the political level qualify for a billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund?

A billion to be used to keep power by force, to maintain security forces and prisons, to buy weapons, to torture and kill. And not for overcoming the consequences of the 2020 recession and sustaining the Belarusian economy.

I urge you to take a firm and unambiguous position, which will be 100% in line with the political decision not to recognize the Lukashenka regime — and will be relayed to the IMF decision.

Block access to the billion for the terrorist and dictator — and keep it for New Belarus. This is what the Belarusians, whose fight for freedom you support, are waiting for today.

It’s time to act together — and stop the financing of dictatorship and terror in Belarus once and for all.

Together with the appeal NAM has sent letters to ministers, in which we have outlined our position in detail.

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