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Pavel Latushka met with the Ambassador of Spain to Poland

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Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka met with Spanish Ambassador to Warsaw Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama

The meeting participants discussed the importance of the EU’s elaboration of a strategy to resolve the regional crisis that arose because of Lukashenka’s actions. Pavel Latushka conveyed to the ambassador copies of the appeals to the heads of the ministries of finance and foreign affairs of Spain on the possible adoption of the decisions:

1) imposing sanctions on the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Belarus;

2) non-recognition of Lukashenka’s regime and his government and bringing this position by the authorized representatives of Spain to the IMF;

3) recognition of the Lukashenka’s regime as an international terrorist organization.

This will make it possible to block the access of the illegitimate government of Lukashenka to the IMF funds.

The Ambassador was also handed an open appeal to UNESCO on repressions in the sphere of culture in Belarus.

Another topic of discussion was the liquidation of the Belarusian committee of the ICOMOS organization, which was engaged in the protection of historical and cultural heritage.

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