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Belarus is an outsider in the world legal rating of the World Justice Project.

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Below only Nicaragua, Egypt and Venezuela

The National Anti-Crisis Management analyzed the results of the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2021 study. If we take the observance of the law by the country’s government as a conditional 100 points, then Lukashenka’s regime complies with the law by 2 points.

Changes in the positions of Belarus in the world legal ranking of the World Justice Project over the past few years:
  • 2019 — 113 out of 126 countries
  • 2020 — 118 out of 128 countries
  • 2021 — 136 out of 139 countries, only below Nicaragua, Egypt and Venezuela.

  • Belarus ranks 138th out of 139 countries in the index of the legality of the change of power in the country (the last is Venezuela).
  • Belarus ranks 138th out of 139 countries in terms of the degree of restriction of government powers by the legislature (the last is Egypt).
  • Belarus ranks 136th out of 139 countries in terms of the degree of restriction of the powers of the government by the judiciary (below — Venezuela, Mauritania and Cambodia).

The World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index measures the degree to which a country’s institutions of government are restricted by law. It includes constitutional and institutional means by which the powers of government officials are limited, and in case of violation of the law, representatives of such government are effectively held accountable.

"The low level of compliance with legal norms by the Lukashenka regime affects all spheres of society, destroying them: medicine, education, economy, free press, etc. It is impossible not to pay attention to violations of the law and live calmly as before. If we do not stop the dictator and his accomplices, not a single sphere of life in Belarus will be able to avoid destruction. Today we are talking not only about the low ratings of the country, but about the creation by the regime of a negative image of Belarus in the world. This can only be changed when we get rid of the dictatorship" — said Pavel Latushka.

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