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The NAM team consists of 27 specialists in various fields who were forced to leave Belarus and are working to bring our common victory closer. The Office brings together former civil servants who supported popular demands, experienced managers, communications professionals and civil society representatives. We are seeking economic sanctions, the release of political prisoners, an end to repression, the international isolation of the regime, the criminal responsibility of its representatives and the holding of new, fair elections.

In our activities, we always follow the principle of openness and responsibility — every day we tell Belarusians about all our projects, areas of work and its results in our public channels and mass media.

The ATM-Exchange-Bank campaign, a tent rally for the freedom of Belarus, the #ЦветПротивТЬмы movement, rehabilitation and reform projects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, campaigns on Eurobonds, countering loans for the IMF regime, primary and secondary sanctions are just a part of our projects, about which so or otherwise have heard each of you in the last months. The NAM, together with other democratic forces and civil initiatives, have already achieved the exclusion of NGTRK from the European Broadcasting Union and the transfer of the Ice Hockey World Championship and other sports tournaments from Belarus.

All this is now our main job. The work to which we have completely devoted ourselves, leaving behind our careers and positions, personal life and well-established life, in order to become volunteers in the main project of our life — New Belarus.

We need your support. The support of everyone who believes in the NAM shares our principles of work and methods of struggle. Everyone who participates in our promotions and sees their effectiveness. Our gratitude is in our work. Which we will do every day until our common victory.

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