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Belarusians around the world protest against $ 1 billion for the dictatorship from the IMF

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The action was organized in one day, Belarusians from the USA started

On August 23, the day when the IMF’s decision on the distribution of SDR (Special Drawing Rights) came into force, the Belarusian diaspora organized rallies outside the Fund’s offices and its representative offices around the world. Belarusians went to protest in the USA, Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy and other countries.

The flash mob #NoGrantForDictator was launched by Belarusian Masha Zabara, who, even before the decision came into force, staged a single picket outside the IMF office in Washington.

We are grateful to all Belarusians and our foreign partners who continue to fight together with us to prevent the dictatorship from gaining access to the IMF money. We will achieve this together: the NAM has a plan, and soon we will tell you how everyone can participate in it.

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