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Draft law on the rehabilitation of victims of political repression

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Introducing the draft law on the rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus for public discussion

We invite you to read and comment on the draft law on the rehabilitation of victims of the Lukashenko regime for political reasons. This document was prepared by one of our subscribers on the basis of the Concept developed by the NAM and may serve as the basis for the final draft. We also want to take your opinion into account, so with the author’s permission we are introducing the original text for consideration and discussion.

The draft law describes in detail:
  • exactly which categories of citizens will be recognised as victims of political repression of the dictatorship and what this procedure will look like;
  • what kind of rehabilitation measures will have to be taken by public authorities, such as the prosecutor’s office and the courts;
  • what kind of compensation could theoretically be offered to the repressed;
  • and other aspects of the future rehabilitation process.

Thank you to the author, and you are welcome to comment!

We also remind you that every concerned citizen who is willing and able to help us in developing the Rehabilitatio n Concept, as well as in the rehabilitation process itself in the future, and in preparing other draft laws for New Belarus, can contribute now: both in idea and in deed. If this is you — please email us.

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