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Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners

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Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya declared November 27 a day of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus. There are already 887 only recognized political prisoners in our country, according to "Viasna". There are several times more people in total who are illegally imprisoned for wanting to live in a free country.

Political prisoners and their families desperately need solidarity and support. There are many ways to help: pickets and other creative actions, sending letters to prisoners, moral support of their friends and relatives, financial support to families and other ways.

Today, November 27, Belarusians all over the world hold actions of solidarity with political prisoners: in Poland, Germany, France, Finland, Montenegro, Denmark, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Italy and other countries.

How can anyone help political prisoners in Belarus?

  1. Write a letter.
  2. Help the family of a political prisoner.
  3. Become a friend of a political prisoner.
  4. To tell about political prisoners in Belarus in social networks and call for solidarity with them.

Only our joint efforts will lead us to the day when there will be no more political prisoners in our country. After that, Belarusians will have a lot of work to rehabilitate victims of political repression — and we are preparing for that now.

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