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Digest: August 9-22

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Campaign for the IMF, discussions about the Constitution, new exhibits for the Museum of Free Belarus and an action plan for everyone for the coming days

External economic pressure

The IMF’s decision to allocate special drawing rights (SDRs) has entered into force, but the campaign to deprive the Lukashenka regime of access to these resources continues. It is important to understand: the regime will be able to use these resources only if it starts their exchange transactions. It is still possible to block this, and there are two ways to do this:

1) achieve non-recognition of Lukashenko, his government and his representatives in the IMF;
2) achieve inclusion in the sanctions lists of the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Belarus.

Both tasks are in active parallel work.

Here are just some of what has been done in our campaign on the IMF over the past two weeks:

  • The Belarusians have written thousands of messages to the US senators friendly to our country, who can influence the IMF’s decision through the US government. Also, thousands of requests were sent directly to the IMF itself.
  • As a result, the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez sent a letter to Joe Biden, in which he called on the US government and the IMF leadership not to officially recognize the Lukashenka regime.
  • Pavel Latushka and the NAM economists held a meeting at the Ministry of Finance of Poland, as a result of which the Polish side promised to assist our campaign on the IMF. This issue was also raised at the meetings with the ambassadors of Germany and France in Poland and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.
  • Belarusians abroad continued to write letters to members of the IMF Board of Governors, demanding that representatives of their countries block access to the fund’s resources for the regime.
  • Many appeals were also sent to the Managing Director and Executive Directors of the IMF to initiate a special meeting on Belarus.
  • The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka appealed to the foreign ministers of Belarus-friendly states with an appeal to raise before their representatives in the IMF Board of Governors the issue of non-recognition of the Lukashenka regime and blocking access to the SDR account for it. The respective letters from the NAM and the diaspora were also sent to the Foreign Ministries of these states.
  • The Lithuanian diaspora has collected hundreds of signatures under a petition demanding to close access to the IMF account for the dictator.
  • Diaspora around the world took to pickets at the buildings of the Ministry of Finance, National Banks and the offices of the IMF.
  • The NAM, democratic forces and diaspora sent letters to the Foreign Ministries of all allied countries, the US State Department and members of the IMF Board of Governors about the need to not recognize the Lukashenka government and to include the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Belarus in the sanctions lists.

Follow the news and do everything possible with us so that the money from the IMF goes not to the usurper, but to New Belarus.

People’s Constitution

During the discussions concerning the draft Constitution of New Belarus, which will form the basis of the people’s draft of the Basic Law, citizens sent hundreds of their proposals to the Public Constitutional Commission. Members of the commission’s working group continue to publicly comment on all substantive responses and have already adopted a number of amendments taking into account the opinions of Belarusians.

Only in this way, with the participation of the whole society, a Constitution should be created, which will become the foundation for the country of our dreams — New Belarus. If you have an idea for the people’s Basic Law, hurry up to share it on the website Kanstytucyjaю. online, through the chatbot of the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya or in social networks of the NAM, community *Honest people and the Coordination Council.

Working with partners

Pavel Latushka met with Slawomir Dembski, director of the Polish Institute of International Relations, which develops foreign policy recommendations for the Polish government. The meeting participants discussed the threat to regional security posed by the regime and planned an additional event to analyze ways to resolve the crisis in Belarus.

In addition, Anatoly Kotov, who is responsible for foreign policy and trade at the NAM, met with Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrei Babish. The main topics of conversation were assistance to the Belarusian civil society, improvement of the EU sanctions mechanism against the Lukashenka regime and simplification of formal procedures for Belarusians in the Czech Republic.
Museum of Free Belarus

More and more exhibits arrive at the Museum of Belarus created by the NAM. Among the items that have replenished its fund in recent days is the final report on elections'2020 prepared by the teams "Voice", "Zubr" and *Honest People, where information about falsifications is documented. Another significant new exhibit of the Museum is a digital copy of the illustrated diary of the prisoner, arrested under the "people's" article 23.34 in the historical August of last year.

We are grateful to everyone who helps us in expanding the exposition of the Museum of free Belarus, and we remind you that everyone can take part in this business. If you have an item or document related to the struggle of Belarusians against the dictatorship, please write to us in the @NAUsupport chatbot (anonymously if desired).

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:

  • continue to take all possible measures together with us to achieve official non-recognition of the Lukashenka government and deprive him of access to IMF resources. Right now, you can write messages to American senators and congressmen on social networks asking them -to support Senator Robert Menendez’s position. In the near future we will propose a number of other important actions within the framework of this campaign;
  • send to the Public Constitutional Commission their proposals for the people’s draft of the Basic Law, as well as take part in a survey on the draft Constitution of New Belarus;
  • not to weaken the "popular sanctions": withdraw all deposits from the bank, withdraw all money from cards, buy currency with all available funds, reduce to a minimum the purchase of excisable and expensive goods;
  • to support all other activities of the democratic forces: every action is important and brings New Belarus closer.

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