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Democratic forces to the Russian leadership

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Democratic Forces to the Russian leadership: "Lukashenka is dragging you into an act of aerial terrorism".

The message to the citizens of Russia is very simple and it is addressed first of all to those envying the Belarusian stability. The order in the present Belarus is a concentration camp order for its own people, into which the country has turned. The answer to the question: "Do you want to be like in Belarus? — is now obvious for everybody: "God forbid".

The message to the authorities of Russia is also very simple. Do not trust the efforts and promises of the illegitimate usurper. Before, he was simply deceiving you. Now he is trying to hide under the roof of the Kremlin, deliberately dragging you into an act of aerial terrorism and its consequences. Like a petty, cowardly bully, Lukashenka urges you to respond with an economic blockade to an adequate response of the international community to his crimes. Do not be fooled. Belarusians will thank you.

The way with Lukashenka is a road to nowhere. Relations must be built not on the principles of dependency and hypocrisy, but on the principles of open and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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