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New report of the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus: conditions of detention

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Some conclusions from the committee’s report:

  • completely random people who found themselves in the zone of attention of the security forces often became victims of illegal actions: random passers-by and having a rest in a cafe, just leaving the house to smoke or take out the trash, returning home from work or training;

  • the overwhelming majority of the victims talked about the clear ideological study of the security forces against the participants in peaceful actions even before they were carried out. The siloviki were subjected to massive disinformation about the custom-made order of preparing mass riots, about payments and mythical "puppeteers" from Western countries and closest neighbors (Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania) for the violent overthrow of the government.

  • in all places of detention, the administrations of these institutions, on the direct instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, created "special conditions" for those detained and arrested for political reasons, which in their essence are torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading human dignity by conditions of detention;

  • state media constantly display propaganda materials that insult and humiliate protesters and justify the brutal actions of the security forces. This confirms that state-owned media are also part of a larger repressive mechanism;

  • the suppression of the human person in places of detention continues. Mattresses and bedclothes are almost never provided to political prisoners, at the same time, ordinary prisoners are given all this. They don’t take you to the shower or for walks. There are no COVID-19 prevention measures.

Fourth interim report: document
Report presentation: video
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The Committee is a joint initiative of human rights organizations from Belarus and other countries. The purpose of the committee is to collect as much facts and evidence of what happened so that the perpetrators are brought to justice. The reports are provided both to the public of Belarus and to international organizations and institutions.

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