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Illegal authority against the economy and people

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Evgenyi Buryi, responsible for the areas of economy and finances at the National Anti-Crisis Management, appealed to the officials who adopted the law on Tax Code amendments:

— On the first day of the new year, the so-called authorities made its gift to Belarusians. The regime imposed new taxes, raised tax rates and abolished benefits — including on medicines and children’s products. Many officials stubbornly ignore the requirements of the law and calls for their compliance. They deliberately silence the negative effects of changes on people and economy.

Their priority is blind execution and submission. Representatives of the authority who developed and agreed on such changes can be safely called anti-people authorities.

There are 24 ministries, 12 committees, 6 concerns, 22 other state organisations and 13 supreme state administration bodies in Belarus. Under this regime, no one is allowed to defend people. But we know for sure that there are decent and honest people among the officials who are waiting for the right moment.

All officials who spoke out against changes to the Tax Code, refused to sign, gave a negative conclusion — please let us know. We will identify all those involved in the adoption of the bill and make this information public. We will initiate the inclusion of everyone who is involved in terror and genocide in the sanctions lists. It wasn’t the protesters, opposition, external factors, or Covid who caused all this hell — but it wasn’t just Lukashenko.

It is time for all supporters of the regime and the illegitimate authority to learn that these tax innovations will affect them and their families.

We remind all citizens and business representatives: the law adopted with violations has no legal force, its implementation is not an obligation. However, you will be forced to do it. Contact the initiative "Za delo!", write to the NAM chatbot, send materials to the "Unified Crime Registration Book". Let’s identify all the perpetrators together.

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