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Anonymous chat rooms for civil servants

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Sectoral anonymous chat rooms for civil servants: get involved!

The collection of signatures for the Open Letter of Government Workers is over, but work with officials continues. Now the *Honest People community unites those who are ready build a New Belarus.

In anonymous chats, civil servants from various fields discuss current news, the real situation in their organisations, protection against reprisals and other important topics. Everything is completely confidential; no one has access to a phone number or even a name on Telegram.

The community is divided into several spheres and areas:

— administration (executive committees, district administrations);
— customs officials;
— economy (Tax Inspectorate, National Bank, related financial institutions);
— Law (Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice).

Are you ready to join one of the industry chat rooms? Authorise through the "Dialogue with the people" chatbot

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