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The regime deprived Belarusians of guarantees for the deposit return

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What exactly happened and how to save your money?

Less than a month ago, we warned about the "big bank robbery" planned by the Lukashenka’s regime. Now we see that new injections have appeared in this plan.

By order of the illegitimate authorities, banks began to raise rates on long-term deposits in order to reduce their outflow and attract new ones.

Meanwhile, in May, the regime "unsealed" the inviolable reserve of the Agency for guaranteed reimbursement of bank deposits in the amount of BYN 2 billion. And along with the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance, the regime made the Development Bank one of the "guarantors" - which finances unprofitable state projects. The regime allowed the Agency’s "temporarily free" funds to be placed in the form of the Bank’s bonds.

Then, on June 3, a resolution of the Council of Ministers and the National Bank was issued, which increased the limit of free resources for the Development Bank by almost BYN 1.1 billion. Where this money will go is easy to guess.

What does it all mean?

1) The regime will turn the funds that should guarantee the return of deposits into "junk" bonds of the Development Bank.

2) The unprofitable public sector will not only be financed by depositors — now they will not get their money back. Instead, people will be offered either "junk" bonds of the Development Bank, or the printing press will be launched again.

In both cases, this is bad news for depositors. The country’s economy is in a state of undeclared default. That makes both bonds and printed rubles just waste paper.

Do not forget about the preparation of a decree that will allow the Asset Management Agency to issue its "junk" bonds. The regime also plans to issue these bonds to depositors instead of real money.

Lukashenka knows that he has already brought the economy to a complete collapse — and finally decided to finally rob the depositors. As a reminder, there are still more than BYN 4.7 billion on fixed-term ruble deposits, and $ 4.5 billion on foreign currency deposits.

How can you save your money?

1) Pick up all deposits from banks right now.
2) Do not open new deposits, even at the most attractive interest rates.

Only in this way you will protect your money from robbery, which is obviously inevitable.

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