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Digest: September 20 - October 3

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A program of actions for victory, non-recognition of the Lukashenka’s government, support for Belarusian cultural figures, a platform for city activists and traditional "homework"

The NAM team proposed a set of actions for the early fall of the dictatorship in Belarus and together with citizens and foreign partners continues to work on the official non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government at the international level. The open letter to UNESCO on repressions in the field of culture has more and more signatories. With our support, the "Robim Good" urban activism platform was launched.

And this time our "homework" for supporters of changes in Belarus is:
  • sign a petition to politicians from more than 40 countries not to recognize Lukashenka and his government (for the diaspora — a task with a star: organize a picket or join an already announced action);
  • to contribute to the NAM projects, including the legal conference in Nuremberg, dedicated to bringing the dictator and his henchmen to justice and recognizing the regime as terrorist;
  • enroll in the Peramoga plan and prepare for a strike;
  • sign an open letter to UNESCO on repressions in the field of culture in Belarus;
  • register on the RobimGood platform:;
  • withdraw all money from cards, take deposits from banks, purchase currency for all available funds, say "no" to excisable goods and expensive purchases;
  • give us an exhibit for the Museum of Free Belarus by contacting the @NAUsupport chatbot.

Program of actions

The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka proposed a program of actions of democratic forces for the early fall of the dictatorship in Belarus at the "Conference of the Belarusians of the World" in Vilnius. The list of tasks for the near and medium term includes:

Internal direction:
  • ensuring legal, political and diplomatic non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government;
  • ensuring the international legal criminal responsibility of the dictator personally and those guilty of criminal acts, qualifying the regime’s actions as international terrorism, and the crimes committed by it as crimes against humanity;
  • building up sanctions pressure to coerce the illegitimate government to release political prisoners and hold new presidential elections;
  • counteraction to attempts to incorporate Belarus by Russia.

Foreign direction:
  • organizing and conducting a strike;
  • implementation of the Peramoga mobilization plan, organization of the partisan and underground movement;
  • opposition to the illegal referendum of the Lukashenka’s regime;
  • information work.

Among other things, the NAM proposes to create a Belarusian democratic platform for the widest possible communication and coordination of actions, as well as convene the Congress of Belarusians to make a decision on the creation of alternative institutions of power.

Non-recognition of Lukashenka

At the time of publication of this material, more than 12 thousand people have already signed Masha Zabara’s petition to the leadership of more than 40 countries of the world with a call to officially refuse to recognize Lukashenka and his government. The nearest goal is 15 thousand signatures, and each of you can bring the moment of taking this bar closer.

Let us recall why we are seeking non-recognition of the dictator and his government. It:
  • will lead to its real economic and political isolation;
  • will deprive him of access to IMF resources, including almost $ 1 billion already allocated and about $ 3 billion in the future as part of the program for the distribution of funds on special drawing rights;
  • will accelerate the launch of procedures for recognizing the regime as terrorist and depriving Lukashenka of political immunity;
  • will allow to qualify the political decisions of the illegitimate government, including those related to integration with Russia, as legally null and void;
  • will make it even more clear to the international community: you cannot have anything to do with the regime.

As part of the the NAM campaign against the recognition of Lukashenko and his government, the Belarusians of Poland and Lithuania organized pickets at the end of September. The events took place near the buildings of the Belarusian Embassy and the Polish Foreign Ministry in Warsaw, as well as the office of the European Commission in Vilnius; on them, among other things, signatures were collected under the corresponding petition to the international community. The NAM invites all other diasporas to join the campaign for non-recognition of the illegitimate government at the official level.

Non-recognition of the regime is one of the key topics of the meetings that the NAM representatives have held in recent weeks, including with:
  • Ambassador of Slovenia to Poland Bozena Forshtnarić,
  • EU Special Representative for Human Rights Eamon Gilmour
  • MEP from the Netherlands Bart Grotheys,
  • EU Ambassador to Belarus Dirk Schuebel a member of the cabinet of Josep Borrell Baiboy Alekseyuka-Tavares, Vice President of the European Parliament Nicola Beer, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, MEP Radoslaw Sikorski

Cultural front

More and more well-known figures of world culture join the open letter of the NAM to UNESCO with an appeal to pay attention to repressions in the sphere of culture in Belarus and to provide assistance to its workers. It was also signed by Olga Tokarchuk, Nobel laureate in literature and laureate of the International Booker Prize. Among those who have supported the initiative in recent days are also the Honorary Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center, poet and translator Andrei Khodanovich, Polish theater director Pavel Passini, artist-photographer Rafal Milach and documentary filmmaker Jacek Blavut.

Any Belarusian can sign an open letter. How to do this, you will learn from the link in the text of the post.

In accordance with the agreements reached earlier with the NAM, the Polish Theater Institute named after Zbigniew Raszewski has begun recruiting artists and theater employees who have found themselves in a difficult situation in connection with the situation in Belarus to their art residence. Actors, acting teachers, directors, playwrights, decorators, specialists in light and sound, representatives of other theatrical professions will be trained on the basis of Polish theaters for 1−3 months. A total number of 30 places are provided.

The enrollment has been extended until next Wednesday, October 6th. You can find out more on the website

Robim Good

With the support of the NAM the Robim Good project was launched — a platform where city activists can exchange experience, receive free consultations from Belarusian urbanists, post their projects to find like-minded people and join existing ones, monitor progress on the Map of Initiatives. Those who want to improve the life around them can, among other things, contact (if desired — anonymously) the @robimgood_bot chatbot to receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement their idea, including from a legal point of view.

If you are not indifferent to the fate of your city — register on the website and call your neighbors!

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • join those who have already signed the petition to the leadership of more than 40 countries with a call to deny recognition of Lukashenka and his government, and if you live outside Belarus, then organize a picket in your city or become a participant in it;
  • to provide financial support for the activities of the NAM in general and the holding of a legal conference in Nuremberg in particular;
  • to bring the decisive moment closer: to join the Peramoga mobilization plan, prepare for the strike, inform relatives, friends and colleagues about these activities;
  • sign an open letter to UNESCO on the political persecution of Belarusian cultural figures;
  • register on the urban activism platform at;
  • continue "popular sanctions": withdraw money from cards, do not keep deposits in banks, buy currency with all available funds, refrain as much as possible from buying automobile fuel, alcohol and tobacco products, any expensive goods;
  • give us an exhibit for the Museum of Free Belarus — any evidence of the struggle of Belarusians against the dictatorship, — by "knocking" on the @NAUsupport chatbot.

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