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Crisis in Belarus has become a threat to regional security

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The solution is a new fair election

The leaders of the G7 — an informal association of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan — have called for free and fair presidential elections in Belarus following the results of the three-day summit. The leaders also called for a meaningful dialogue with all sectors of society and the implementation of the recommendations received within the framework of the OSCE Moscow Mechanism.

The G7 countries will cooperate in the case of the forced landing of the Ryanair plane and the kidnapping of Roman Protasevich and Sophia Sapega in order to bring those responsible for the incident to justice.

NATO, in turn, supports the international investigation of the plane hijacking with the blogger and his girlfriend on board and calls on Belarus to respect human rights and release all political prisoners. The NATO summit participants noted that it is in their interests to have a democratic, sovereign and stable Belarus.

The National Anti-Crisis Management welcomes the statements of the G7 and NATO. This is a signal that the situation in Belarus has developed into a full-scale crisis. Lukashenka’s regime poses a threat not only to Belarusians, but also to regional security. This cannot be ignored without the reaction of the world community. An objective investigation of all crimes, including the act of air piracy, the release of all political prisoners, the end of violence and the holding of new fair elections — this is exactly what we have all been striving for months.

And only this can prevent a threat to regional security.

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