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"One day We will return home together." Kristina Timanovskaya's medal was donated to the Museum of free Belarus

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Photo: BSSF

Silver medal of the II European Games, won by a Belarusian athlete in the 4×100m relay, was purchased at an auction by the Belarusian sport solidarity foundation by a buyer from the United States for $ 21,000. The winner Evgeniy was born in Kiev and moved to America 30 years ago. The purchase of a medal for Yevgeny is an opportunity to express solidarity with Belarusians, who fell under repressions after the 2020 presidential elections. In addition, he believes that by his act he will be able to inspire people to donate to organizations that are involved in helping the affected Belarusians.

The owner of the lot decided to donate the medal to the Museum of Free Belarus organized by the NAM. Evgeniy agreed on this during a personal conversation with Kristina Timanovskaya.

The athlete herself is very happy with such an initiative:

 — The medal that I put up for auction is very dear to me. I remember very well that day and the emotions that accompanied it. Therefore, of course, I wanted to personally meet and communicate with the person who, having bought it, decided to support me and all the repressed athletes. To be honest, I am very impressed. And I will add — that people, their openness, willingness to help, to meet halfway — this is the most amazing thing that I have come across lately. I am glad that the medal will become part of the exposition of the Museum of Free Belarus and will be close to me. And one day we will return home together, — Kristina Timanovskaya is sure.

Anyone can offer a new exhibit to the Museum of Free Belarus. This can be done through the NAM chatbot. Item owners will remain anonymous as needed.

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