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Belarus should not host the European Cycling Championship

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Head of Danish NOC opposes the tournament in Minsk, but doubts that it will be postponed

Nils Nygaard, head of the NOC of Denmark, told in an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske about his attitude towards the European Championship in cycling, which will be held in Belarus. The sports official is concerned about the political situation in the country and is worried about the safety of the Danish delegation. Nygaard is convinced that it is wrong to hold the tournament under the dictatorship.

Nils Nygaard, head of the NOC of Denmark
Nils Nygaard, head of the NOC of Denmark

At the same time, he believes that formally there are no obstacles for the European Cycling Union (UEC) to hold the championship in Belarus. The main point from his statement is:

  • "the situation in dictatorial Belarus is so serious that the country should not host the European track cycling championship. The situation in Belarus is of such a nature that every effort should be made to find an alternative venue [for the tournament]".

  • "it is wrong to hold the tournament in a country where the state is grossly repressing athletes because of their political beliefs".

  • "there are concerns that the security of athletes and delegations in Minsk will not be fully ensured. That is why I regret that such a decision has been made [to hold the championship in Belarus].

At the same time Nygaard notes that if the tournament is still held in Belarus, Denmark will participate in it. According to the head of the NOC, the boycott is a bad tool that affects the athletes.

Recall, the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation seeks to remove Track Cycling World Cup-2021 from Belarus, which is to be held in Minsk from June 23 to 27. The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the initiative.

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