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This will be a signal for the IOC to tighten sanctions

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"Lukashenka and sports officials live in a different reality." Vadim Krivosheev — on the election of the President of the Belarusian National Olympic Committee

— Viktor Lukashenka became the President of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus (NOC Belarus). A strange decision, because both Viktor and Alexander Lukashenka are under the sanctions of the IOC.

Because of these elections, the International Olympic Committee has not yet made a final decision towards Belarus — for the NOC of Belarus it was a chance to rectify the situation. But Lukashenka and sports officials, apparently, live in a different reality.

I am sure that this will be a signal for the IOC to not only extend, but also to tighten sanctions against Belarus. The national team will surely have to participate in the Tokyo Olympics under a neutral flag. And this is not the worst thing through which the International Committee can respond to the inaction of the Belarusian NOC and its gross violation of the Olympic Charter.

Together with the Belarusian Sport Solidarity foundation, we will continue our work to ensure that the rights of all athletes, regardless of their sports achievements, as well as the rights of sports specialists, are respected by the NOC of Belarus, national sports federations and other sports organizations.

Sports tournaments are transferred from Belarus. According to the UEFA’s decision, the final stage of the 2020/2021 Futsal Champions League will be held in Zagreb, not in Minsk. The official reason is Covid, but, according to our information, the main reason is the internal political situation and repressions against civil society.

In addition, the UEFA Executive Committee has canceled the European Under-19 Championships 2020/21 among boys and girls due to the coronavirus pandemic. The girls' tournament supposed to be held in Belarus.

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