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The regime is preparing a big bank robbery

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The NAM — about the timing and possible scenario of Belarusians losing their foreign currency deposits

At the end of March, we said: the regime’s only hope is for our money. That is exactly why it is so afraid of BOB — our "ATM-exchange-bank" action, which has become a real people’s movement.

Today we appeal to everyone who still has money in the banks and warn them: according to our information, the regime is preparing to implement a plan of the so-called "big bank robbery" - it will lead
to a directive withdrawal of foreign currency deposits from bank customers.

In brief, the plausible robbery scenario is as follows:

1) On 9 July, strict currency restrictions will be introduced in the country, in accordance with Law No 36−3. The sale of foreign currency and the issuing of foreign currency deposits will be completely halted.

2) By a special decree, banks will be obliged to issue foreign currency deposits in Belarusian rubles at a fixed rate. Also, bonds of the state "Asset Management Agency" (which can also be used to issue rouble deposits).

3) The currency will be frozen and withdrawn by the regime to pay off its debts. In its place, it will simply print new roubles and bonds — which will be issued to foreign currency depositors.
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At the same time, the regime will continue to rob the Belarusians through fines, extortions, compulsory sale of lottery tickets, adding new lines to the utility cards, and so on.

But his main goal is more than $ 5 billion in deposits still lying in the accounts of Belarusians.

So today we must give him a clear answer: he will not get that money. We will withdraw all our money from the banking system and will do everything to secure it.

Because the BOB movement is all of us. And BOB is not a Slave!

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