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Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression in Belarus: "Economic" prisoners, Relief Fund, National Commission

We continue to answer questions about our project for the rehabilitation of victims of the illegal actions of the regime.

1) What will you do with those who are charged with economic crimes, and not, say, far-fetched "extremism"?

We rehabilitate all convicted and accused under any article, including economic ones, if there is a political motive. Many Belarusian businessmen, having worked honestly for many years, have encountered problems with the law simply because they expressed their civic and political position. Their cases should be investigated without a punitive attitude, i.e., not based on a desire to punish, and during this time they should be released from prisons. If political motives are confirmed, we will not only acquit the innocent, but also help them recover their illegally taken property, including business.

2) How is it planned to pay compensation to the repressed in case of obvious and only growing problems with the republican budget?

The republican budget will not be the only source of funding. Thus, we will direct the funds that will be recovered from the perpetrators of reprisals by the court to compensation. We also count on the support of society and business: Belarusians showed the whole world how solidarity they can be. In addition, we will send applications to international humanitarian organizations and foreign partners. If funding turns out to be insufficient for one-off compensation, we will make payments in stages. For a better understanding of the situation, including to assess the amount of funding, we took up the issue of rehabilitation in advance.

3) What criteria will be used to form the Rehabilitation Commission?

The main criteria for selecting members of the Commission: professionalism, ideal reputation, public confidence. Obviously, we need highly qualified lawyers and economists. In addition, the participation of various public figures will be useful: from journalists to human rights defenders, as well as doctors and former political prisoners. We are already working on specific principles and guarantee the transparency of the formation of the Commission.

The concept of rehabilitation and the decision to approve the concept.

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