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Strike committee "Belaruskali" wrote an open letter to the leadership of Yara

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Strike committee "Belaruskali" wrote an open letter to the leadership of Yara: workers explain why they demand the termination of the contract

The "Belaruskali" strike committee wrote an open letter to Svein Tore Holsether, director general of the Norwegian company Yara. The representatives of the strike committee reiterated the mass repression of workers, as well as the lies of the "Belaruskali" management and the independent trade union.

The miners once again confirmed their firm stance and demanded that the contract be terminated:

— We openly declare that the leadership of "Belaruskali" is deliberately misleading you. Workers in genuinely independent unions are under systematic pressure, and those who want to leave a pro-government union are simply not allowed to sign resignation letters. During the negotiations between Yara and "Belaruskali" hundreds of our colleagues were subjected to repression, arrests, torture in prisons, fines, dismissals, some fearing for their lives were forced to flee the country. The reprisals continue with unabated intensity.

Our struggle is supported by people around the world. 84,000 people have signed the petition addressed to you, which endorses the stance of the strike committee and calls on you to refuse to finance the dictator. No matter how the events in Belarus are presented, any cooperation with state-owned companies in Belarus is the direct financing of the dictatorial regime. We once again urge you to terminate the contract with "Belaruskali", the Strike Committee said in a statement.

The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the strike committee’s position and also advocates the termination of the contract by Yara.

Full text of the open letter to the Yara management: in Russian and in English

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