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Law Conference in Nuremberg - October 11

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At the end of August, the National Anti-Crisis Management announced a legal conference in Nuremberg. It is necessary to speed up the work on recognizing the Lukashenka’s regime as terrorist and bringing to justice those guilty of torture within the framework of universal jurisdiction.

The legal conference is scheduled for October 11th. In Nuremberg, politicians, lawyers and human rights activists will meet to approve a plan of action that will bring justice to the terrorist and his accomplices closer. The NAM organizes an online broadcast of the conference.

Recognizing Lukashenka’s regime as terrorist is a unique process. The investigation is hindered by the fact that representatives of the illegitimate government are hindering him. It has to be conducted outside Belarus, the country of the crime scene.

The UN court has already filed a lawsuit against Belarus on the issue of torture, but there is only one UN court, and there are many countries in the world with problems. According to the lawyers involved in the case, the procedure for accepting the case may take more than one year. The more media and political attention is focused on the problem, the more chances for success.

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