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Lithuania and Denmark ready to host the Cycling World Cup, scheduled to be held in Minsk

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The president of the European Cycling Union says that he cannot move the cycling tournament from Belarus — there is no alternative. But it is not so: Lithuania and Denmark are ready to host the championship

For several months, Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund, the NAM and the diaspora have been talking to the European Cycling Union (UEC), members of the European Parliament and the national federations to move the Championship of cycling from Belarus. The UEC leadership has admitted the problems with the organization of the tournament in Minsk but said that there was no alternative site for the championship. But it turned out to be wrong: Lithuania and Denmark have informed the UEC of their readiness to host the World Cup, it has been revealed to journalists. And the Danes are ready to cover all the costs of relocating the tournament.

— I am sure that with a strong will, the issue of transferring to another country can be resolved. The tournament is still a month and a half away. It is obvious that the leadership of the cycling union had no plans to change anything from the beginning, responding only with excuses. But we will continue to push for the transfer of the European Track Cycling Championship from Belarus. It seems that the President of the UEC, Enrico Della Casa, and Vice President of the UEC, Henrik Jess Jensen, openly lobby the interests of the official Minsk," said Vadim Krivosheev, responsible for sports and youth policy in the NAM.

Recall, the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation seeks to remove Track Cycling World Cup-2021 from Belarus, which is to be held in Minsk from June 23 to 27. The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the initiative.

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