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A year after the August 9 election

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How can every Belarusian bring victory closer

Our struggle for freedom and a better life has been going on for a year, and we will continue until victory is achieved. It is inevitable, but the time it takes to reach it depends on each of us, on our willingness to keep fighting and to put the common cause above personal interests.

We really often lacked experience; we were learning as we went along. And now we are open to any initiative that actively brings victory — join the structures of the democratic forces of Belarus. Perhaps it is your efforts that will be decisive.

As part of the internal pressure on the regime, we must build a broad coalition of active politicians, initiatives, and democratic structures. We will hold a world congress of Belarusians, because it is important for us to be together and unite our efforts to continue the road to freedom. Our unity is our chance to win.

How can every Belarusian bring victory closer:

No one will determine our future for us. That is why we must be ready for decisive action: a mass strike, taking to the streets, opposing the dictator’s constitution. We will not calm down, we will not stop, we will keep on launching new campaigns and forcing the regime to make mistakes again and again.

It’s important that everyone who wants change get involved. And thus we will win!

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