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Digest: 1—‌14 November

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Responsibility of the regime, preparation for the "referendum", a platform for rehabilitation and activity in the coming days.

Our steps to bring Lukashenka’s regime to justice for its crimes. Democratic forces proposals on the "referendum" planned by the dictatorship. Development of a digital platform for the rehabilitation of the repressed.

And the list of activities for supporters of change this time we have:
  • protect yourself from COVID-19, wear masks;
  • if you are called to the election commission for a "referendum", agree and tell about it *Honest people;
  • continue to deprive the regime of money: do not keep them either on cards or on deposits and convert them into currency, refrain from buying excisable goods and expensive new clothes;
  • provide assistance to political prisoners and support the call to review the criteria for granting such status;
  • lend your shoulder to the participants in the student movement;
  • watch the stream recording of our anniversary;
  • enroll in the Peramoga plan.

Migration crisis

To discuss ways to de-escalate the migration crisis at the border and methods of punishing those responsible for it, the NAM leader Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka, responsible for multilateral diplomacy, held a meeting at the Center for Eastern European Studies in Poland. The NAM participants conveyed the strategy of action to the Vice-Marshal of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz and found full support for the position: the regime must meet a tough reaction from Europe — up to new sanctions, a trade embargo and stopping the transit of goods between the EU and Belarus.

Bringing the regime to justice

The topic of bringing citizen Lukashenka and his entourage to justice for crimes against Belarusians, and in recent months — also citizens of other countries, remains one of the central issues for the NAM. Let us recall that in addition to the official non-recognition of the dictator and his government at the international level, we are simultaneously striving to:
  • the forced landing of the Ryanair aircraft and the migration crisis were classified as acts of international terrorism with all the attendant consequences;
  • for crimes against humanity in general and against Belarusians in particular, an international tribunal was initiated and the prosecution of those guilty according to the principle of universal jurisdiction.

We recently talked about all this in more detail in a special video. It, as well as other thematic materials, can be easily found in our telegram using the #ЛукашенкоТеррорист hashtag.

Preparation for the "referendum"

The NAM, together with other democratic forces, is preparing for the "referendum" planned by the regime. Let’s fix our position: "The referendum of the current government is illegal and will become its next crime. At the same time, we definitely cannot ignore this event, otherwise, by doing so, we will untie the hands of the dictatorship and allow it to create the illusion of its own legitimacy.

The plan of our actions will be announced later, but you can start preparing for the "referendum" too. If you are already now, even before the announcement of the plebiscite, invited to the election commission, do not refuse — agree and tell the community about it *Honest people. "From the inside" it will be easier for us to resist the next farce conceived by Lukashenka.

Rehabilitation of the repressed

We started the active development of a digital platform for collecting data on victims of political repression in Belarus. On the basis of the information provided by the victims, applications for restoration of rights and the necessary assistance will be formed: material, legal, medical, psychological. Testimonies will also help in the investigation of crimes against civilians. For objective reasons, we pay increased attention to security, so we will not dare to name specific deadlines, but we expect to present you with a functioning platform very soon.

The NAM invites to cooperation all other projects and organizations that record the facts of repression in our country. Together we can better prepare for the future — colossally difficult, but historically important — the process of rehabilitation in New Belarus.
Principles of recognition as political prisoners

The NAM supported the call of profile initiatives Dissident. by, Politzek. me and "Summoned 2020" on changing the approach to recognition as political prisoners. According to the reports of human rights organizations, as of November 16, there are 869* political prisoners in Belarus. This is an extremely large number, however, according to the above mentioned initiatives, there were more than 1,020 people who are actually prisoners of conscience on October 22 — just some of them are charged with "non-political" articles. Each of them has the right to receive the status of a political prisoner with appropriate human rights and humanitarian support, and in the future must be rehabilitated.

The NAM joins the proposal to expand the list of criteria for recognizing a person as a political prisoner and recalls one of the main demands of the Belarusian people to the Lukashenka regime: to immediately release everyone who is in captivity for political reasons.

* - according to "Viasna"

Anniversary of the NAM work

In honor of the first anniversary of the work of the NAM, we held a big stream with the key members of our team. During the broadcast, we not only analyzed the Belarusian events of the last one and a half years, assessed the current situation in the country and tried to look into the future, but also shared unique stories from the life of the administration and those who are fighting for New Belarus. We believe that we will celebrate the second birthday of the NAM in a free country!

If you missed the stream, you can watch it in the recording. You will find the video on our YouTube channel, and for your convenience, we have placed a link to it in the text of this post.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is the deals of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • remember to wear masks and observe other precautions for our common victory not only over the regime, but also over the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • if you are invited to the election commission for a constitutional "referendum" - agree and notify the community about it *Honest people;
  • to squeeze the regime economically: don’t keep money on cards and in banks, buy foreign currency, minimize the purchase of excisable and simply expensive goods;
  • help financially political prisoners, as well as join the call to revise the criteria for recognition as political prisoners;
  • to support the participants of the student movement: through the site of "Mutual Ambulance", the UNIVER chatbot and letters to those in captivity;
  • watch the recording of the stream dedicated to the first anniversary of the NAM on our YouTube channel;
  • enroll in the Peramoga mobilization plan.

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