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Pavel Latushka addresses former Moldovan President Dodon

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Mr President,

On 5 May this year you met with the self-proclaimed President Lukashenka, who promised to share the experience that you think has set an "example" for you. I would like to tell you and the Moldovan public what "example" Lukashenkahas already shown to the world.

The number of victims of the Lukashenka regime grows steadily by the day:
372 political prisoners, more than 3,000 criminal cases against peaceful protesters, more than 4,600 documented cases of torture, more than 35,000 people detained and arrested, including some 500 journalists, 9 deaths and 0 criminal cases against internal affairs officers for murder and violence against civilians.

If such an "example" had been implemented in Moldova even before the presidential elections, any alternative candidates would have been jailed, no opposition party would have been represented in the Moldovan parliament, the Moldovan police would have been allowed to shoot peaceful demonstrators and the law would have allowed it, any criticism of the authorities would have led to criminal liability, and you and all your associates would have been recognised as terrorists or extremists.

Also, for your information, I would like to give you "examples" of torture in Belarus over the last year against Belarusians:

  • Rape of women and men with truncheons,
  • Crosses beaten out of their backs with truncheons,
  • Torture with bleach in the cells,
  • Numerous beatings in the streets, in police buildings, and in prisons,
  • 10 hours of kneeling on their knees with their heads on the floor,
  • deliberate exposure to the coronavirus,
  • painting detainees with different colours of paint,
  • the order of the Deputy Minister of the Interior to build a concentration camp near Slutsk, etc.

All the above are just a few examples of the torture to which citizens of Belarus are subjected. Do you, Mr. President, want such an experience for Moldova?

I think that Moldovan society gives the same answer as the Belarusians — NO, we do not.

And a quote from Lukashenka, before you want to communicate with the self-proclaimed leader in the future: "Not all bad things in Germany were associated with the famous Adolf Hitler. The German order was shaped over centuries, under Hitler this formation reached its highest point. This is what corresponds to our understanding of the presidential republic and the role of the president in it".

You have openly declared your support for Alexander Lukashenka, so I am openly publishing this letter.

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