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Less than a week until the legal conference in Nuremberg

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Already on October 11 in Germany, the National Anti-Crisis Management will gather politicians, lawyers and human rights activists to approve together an action plan that will bring justice closer to the dictator and his collaborators.

Some of the topics that speakers from France, Germany, the U.S., Belarus and other countries will address are:
  • Features of universal jurisdiction in France over crimes against humanity;
  • The role of an international tribunal in bringing to justice the crimes of the Lukashenko regime;
  • measures against the terrorist regime of Lukashenka.

We continue to collect money for the organization of the legal conference in Nuremberg through PayPal. It's easy to make a transfer: you only need a bank card.

The collected money will be used for logistics and production of printed materials for conference participants, organization of broadcasting and other expenses.

You will be able to watch the Nuremberg conference live on the NAM's YouTube channel.
Increased international legal pressure on the regime will help the Belarusians come more quickly to freedom and fulfill the people's demands.

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