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Tent rally for freedom on the border of Belarus

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Belarusians want to block the border between Poland and Belarus for freight transport: this is how they call on the EU to quickly introduce effective sanctions against the Lukashenka’s regime.

When? Starting June 5 (Saturday)
Where? Poland, checkpoint Bobrovniki-Berestovitsa (possibly other countries will be added)
Is it legal? Yes, the action is coordinated with the local authorities.

This Saturday, June 5, we, the democratic forces of Belarus and the Belarusian diaspora of Poland, will come to the Polish-Belarusian border to urge the European Union to quickly introduce decisive and effective sanctions against the Lukashenka’s regime. We will also demand the opening of land borders for Belarusian citizens by the illegitimate Belarusian authorities.

For the first three days at the border we will hold rallies and tell those passing by about the situation in Belarus. If during this time the large-scale sanctions promised by Europe will not be adopted, then we will block the road to the Bobrovniki-Berestovitsa checkpoint.

"We cannot wait for Lukashenka’s regime to commit another crime — it’s time to move on to active actions," says the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka, one of the initiators of the multi-day action. — Sanctions are one of the tools to free political prisoners and organize new fair elections. Immediately after the hijacking of the plane with Roman Protasevich, many world leaders said that the reaction to Lukashenka’s crimes would be quick and effective. We support this approach, but we have fears that the EU will not take real steps to punish the Lukashenka’s regime.

To help Europe act quickly and decisively, we will come to the border with Belarus. We will also demand from the Lukashenka’s regime to open land border crossings for the Belarusian citizens — Pavel Latushka said.

How can you participate?

1) Come to the tent meeting and be a participant. Contact for communication: @rupar;
2) Help with the preparation for the event, come to the meeting and help with the organization on the spot. Contact for communication: @RAZAMWITHBELARUS;
3) Do not go to the rally, but be a volunteer who will help with the organization. Contact for communication: @RAZAMWITHBELARUS.

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