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"And I think it will be so..." by Petrus Brovka as read by NAM members Vladzimir Astapenka and Elena Zhivoglod

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We continue the #ВершыПерамогi campaign dedicated to 9 May, where we read lines by Belarusian poets about the Great Patriotic War and the defence of the Motherland in general.

Today, Vladzimir Astapenka, responsible for multilateral diplomacy in the NAM, and Elena Zhivogłod, coordinator of the department, read "And I think it will be so…" by Petrus Brovka, in which the author fears new threats to his native land, but believes the Belarusians will defend it.

We also believe that Belarusians will once again defend their land. Ignite yourselves with the spirit of Victory to celebrate May 9 together with the people on the streets of your cities!

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