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#ZOZHTeam: company against alcohol and cigarettes

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The NAM supports the BSSF campaign against tobacco and alcohol #ZOZHTeam

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation has announced the launch of the campaign #ZOZHTeam, in which it offers to join the team for a healthy lifestyle, do sports and give up bad habits — smoking and alcohol. The initiative was supported by Vitaly Gurkov, Andrei Krauchanka, Sviatlana Kudzelich and other professional athletes.

— In 2020, the budget of Belarus received more than $ 1 billion from excise taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. At the same time, about 15.5 thousand people die every year in Belarus from smoking-related diseases. Alcohol takes the lives of another 20 thousand people. We call on Belarusians to give up bad habits and join our campaign — Aliaksandra Herasimenia, the chairwoman of the Belarusian Sport Foundation, said.

The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the campaign against tobacco and alcohol. Excise taxes from their sales account for up to 15% of all budget revenues. And if you take into account VAT and taxes paid by manufacturers, the benefits for the state from the sale of alcohol and cigarettes are even higher.

The refusal of excise goods is another format of economic protest.

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