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Results of the NAM meeting in the Ministry of Finance of Poland

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Pavel Latushka and representatives of the NAM team of economists held a meeting at the Ministry of Finance of Poland on the issue of increasing economic pressure on the Lukashenka regime

As part of the meeting, we conveyed a letter to the authorized representatives of Poland in the IMF with an appeal to use their voice to block access to the SDR account in the IMF for the illegitimate government of Lukashenka.

It should be remembered that British parliamentarians and US congressmen from the "Friends of Belarus" caucus have already addressed the authorized representatives of their countries in the IMF with a similar appeal.

The Polish government expressed solidarity with the position of the United States and Great Britain on this issue. As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached that Poland, for its part, will take appropriate steps and begin a dialogue with the IMF.

In addition, the meeting discussed the NAM’s proposals on measures to block smuggling and monitor the sanctions imposed on the Lukashenka regime, which the Polish side can additionally undertake.

What can the Belarusians themselves do to increase the economic pressure on the regime?

Earlier, the head of the NAM, Pavel Latushka, explained in detail how the regime could be threatened by blocking access to IMF resources. We also offered instructions for everyone who is ready to join our campaign:

1) Belarusians abroad — write to the members of the IMF Board of Governors and demand to block access to the SDR account for the regime.

2) All Belarusians — express our position to the IMF using its social networks:

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