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Vision on the Police Reform for New Belarus | Block 2

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What will the police look like in New Belarus: respect instead of torture, protection instead of intimidation, local authority instead of orders from above

We present the second block of the draft reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the National Anti-Crisis Management. Here we examine what are probably the main problems of the modern Belarusian police. This is torture against citizens, as well as the militarization, politization and centralization of power structures. In order to bring the protection of law and order in our country to a fundamentally new qualitative level, we need to make sure that all of the above becomes obsolete.

In August last year, the whole of Belarusians learned about the nightmares that take place in the dungeons of prisons and police stations. We saw with our own eyes something that should not happen in any civilised state. Our reform draft envisages a range of measures that would once and for all allow people to get rid of torture by MIA officers as a practice.

Another reason for the split between the Belarusian society and the police is the excessive militarization of the latter. In its current form, it inspires fear rather than trust and respect, a desire to move quickly to the other side of the road rather than to cooperate. Whereas it is the partnership of citizens and law enforcement officers that is the key to our peace of mind.

In addition, we consider the fact that "field staff" do not have the proper authority, or even the right to have a voice, to be a serious problem. Decisions for them are made "from above" by people who are often disconnected from local reality and cannot understand the needs, opportunities and demands of both the staff themselves and the citizens they work with. This also needs to be changed.

What ways do we see to improve the situation? Read the full text of the relevant sections of the draft MIA reform on the website And be sure to join the discussion: share your views about our proposals through the feedback form and the Telegram chatbot, as well as on your social meMIA with the #NAMreformaovd.

Contribute to the creation of a police force for New Belarus — and together we will find the optimal solution!

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